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"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - JW

"Thank you to the team at Allied for helping me find my dream job. Following an unexpected lay-off, after 10 years in the renewable energy space, I was not prepared to market myself and locate employment as quickly as needed. But Allied walked me through the process and coached me through every road block. Now, I am about to embark on a new adventure and I can honestly say that I would not be here without their assistance. Great work to Jared and the team!"

Energy Leadership Placement

"Allied Resources managed the recruitment of almost an entire engineering department for my firm. They were able to provide resumes of talented folks who were passively in the job market and were looking for the “close-knit” type of environment that we provide. Not only did they identify the pipeline of talent, but they marketed our brand perfectly. If anyone is in the tough situation of needing to grow quickly, but without sacrificing quality, call Allied Resources."

Satisfied A & E Firm Principal

"Allied contacted me with suggestions in job placement and at the time I had some doubts concerning the job market. Their staff is very professional and they took all of my concerns into consideration. They placed me into a challenging engineering position with a local company and now I’ve been hired by the company as a senior level engineer. Great job Allied!"

Kurt, Mechanical Design Engineer

"I wasn’t used to the timely follow up and interview coaching that I received when working with Allied Resources. Their team made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process and helped me land a position that is challenging and fulfilling. I cannot thank and endorse them enough. Allied Resources is a cut above the rest!"

Transmission Design Engineer

"The team at Allied Resources continually comes up with great candidates for positions that I know are difficult fills. I choose to partner with them because they take the stress out of the hiring process by taking full responsibility from beginning to end. Other firms that I have worked with send a resume or two and then stop working. When I engage Allied, I know that they will continually tweak their search until our visions are aligned. They don’t stop until the job is filled. I highly recommend Allied Resources as a true partner."

Global Engineering Firm

"I had worked with staffing companies in the past and would send my resume then never hear anything. Allied took the time to follow up with me even though I didn’t get a job the first time around. Months later they contacted me again and this time I was hired. Allied stuck with me and helped me land a great job!"

Deborah, Project Manager

"I decided to give Allied Resources a shot after they had followed up with me diligently with me when we weren’t in a hiring mode. It didn’t take long to make me a believer. The customer experience was out of the ordinary. I felt empowered, yet the hand holding made me feel comfortable that I had invested my needs in true professionals. Allied Resources was able to put together a strong team to complete a project that was integral to our growth. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my customers and am proud to offer some kind words."

Regional IT Managed Services Firm

"After being laid off from a position where I spent the last twelve years, being unemployed in a tough market was scary. I called Allied Resources to see if they could help and they immediately put some of my fears to rest. They had two positions that fit my skill set very well and set up interviews with both companies right away. What was most impressive was the coaching that I received throughout the process. Things have changed since I was last interviewing and they helped bridge the gap for me. I am thankful for my new employment and flattered by the attention I was given throughout the process. Great job Allied!"

Jeff, Project Manager

"I was reluctant to work with an agency, as I have built up a strong network through the years on my own. Allied Resources was able to introduce me to opportunities and clients that I was never able to navigate my way into. Many thanks to the team on a job well done!"

Mary Ann, Front End Web Developer

"Allied Resources was able to take the pain out of the job search. I’d been employed with the same company for ten plus years and was afraid I would have a hard time landing my next job. In just three weeks, I landed on my feet and am happier than ever. I cannot thank you enough for working so hard for me."

Peter, Senior Electrical Engineer

"The team at Allied Resources helped identify and screen a number of qualified applicants for a very niche engineering need that I needed filled ASAP. I was impressed with their diligence in keeping me updated with their progress daily. In the end, the gentleman whom I hired has been a fantastic fit within the group. Don’t think twice about calling Allied Resources when you are in a crunch. They will deliver."

Philadelphia Engineering Firm

"“I reached out to Allied Resources when I needed a consulting team to manage a very important project for me, where I had little subject matter knowledge. They dove in, appointed a Project Manager, and hired a team around them. We met our deadline and were within budget. Thank you for taking on a project that had me stumped and delivered fantastic results."

Global Pharmaceutical Company

"I found that the responsive attention and genuine concern over finding the right fit for my skill set, as well as work culture, was key to distinguishing Allied Resources as my choice for a technical recruitment partner."

Jamie, Software Developer

"There is only one call that I need to make when hiring an additional asset to the team. Thank you Allied for a strong partnership over the past 5 years."

Global Defense Partner

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